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A Happy Family and Successful Career
From a Chan practitioner's perspective, the two principles underlying a happy family and successful career are "wholehearted devotion in caring for family" and "full commitment to career."
  • The Two Principles Underlying
  • Mutual Respect and Support among Family Members
  • Diligent and Steady Career Management
  • The Busy Make the Most of Time
  • Devotion to Both Family and Career
  • Living in the 21st Century: A Buddhist View
    Master Sheng Yen, the founder of Dharma Drum Mountain and the chairman of the World Council of Religious Leaders Board, is dedicated to ‘seeking commonality while preserving diversity’, and aims to eliminate spiritual poverty and to promote of environmental protection.
    The Buddhadharma in Daily Life
  • What is the Buddhadharma?
  • The Essential Teachings of the Buddha- Recognizing Suffering and Ending Suffering
  • Methods for Ending Suffering
  • Application of the Buddhadharma
  • How Should Lay Practitioners Engage in Spiritual Practice?
  • Zen and Inner Peace I & II
    By Chan Master Sheng Yen
    As buddha-nature is within all beings, this book expounds the meaning of “Life is Chan, and Chan is Life.” Everyone can benefit by applying Chan wisdom and compassion in daily life, regardless of the complexity of their lives, their environments and interpersonal relationships, along with the associated stresses and conflicts.
    vol. one:
  • Development of Self
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Attachment and Jealousy
  • Temptation and Desires
  • The Workplace
  • vol. two:
  • Business and Leadership
  • The Art of Work
  • Right Understanding of Chan Practice
  • Chan Meditation
  • Chan in Everyday Life
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