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A thinker, prolific writer, and religious teacher all at once, Chan Master Sheng Yen authored over a hundred books, in Chinese, English, and Japanese. Some of his books on Chan Practice have been translated into dozens of other foreign languages.


Chan Master Sheng Yen
--- An Ordinary Monk, An Extraordinary Life
Dharma Drum Publication - About the Author Chan Master Sheng Yen

Chan Master Sheng Yen:
From the time I realized that sutras are used to provide knowledge and methods to purify society and the human mind, I felt lament. I thought, “The Dharma is so good, yet so few people know about it, and so many people misunderstand it.” Thus, I vowed to use contemporary ideas and language to introduce to others the true meaning of the Dharma that was forgotten, and to revive the spirit of Shakyamuni Buddha.
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