-The Expediency on the Bodhisattva Path
  • The Expediency on the Bodhisattva Path
  • July 28     Sunday   2:00PM - 3:30PM (EST.)     at CMCLed by Dr. An-Yi Pan
  • Focusing on Sukhāvatī, this presentation explores Amitabhaism’s role in Mahāyāna quest for Buddhahood. We will examine Tiantai use of the Visualization Sutra in their practice and the type of death ritual developed in monasteries to ensure birth to Sukhāvatī.


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    Dr. An-Yi Pan, Associate Professor, History of Art and Visual Studies
    An-Yi Pan researches Buddhist Art with special interest in the relation between Chinese intellectual participation in Buddhism and Buddhist painting, Buddhist architecture in relation to precepts, monastic hieratical structure, liturgical as well as spiritual spaces, and trans-continental blossoming of Buddhist teachings and art. He also devotes research to modern Chinese art and contemporary Taiwanese art, investigating the impact of colonialism and current geopolitical influence on Chinese and Taiwanese art from the late 19th century to now.
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