Thursday Tai-Chi Moving Meditation
  • Thursday Tai-Chi Moving Meditation
  • Every Thursday   7:30PM - 9:00PM EST.   At CMC

    Teacher: Sai Chong, Joseph Marx
    Assistant: Chris Letz

    First Day of Class 開課日期: April 6, 2023

    Experience the great depth of Chan practice through the combination of Tai-Chi with Chan Meditation. The modern person--who is often busy, stressed, and tense--can use this approach to relax, and to be more free and at ease in body and mind. Not only does Tai-Chi Moving Meditation help to improve your health, it can help you to concentrate the mind, and further, to unify the body and mind.

    Suggested donation to Temple: $80 for 16 classes or $25 per month

    All levels are welcome!

    Registration: Please register online.