Chan Newsletter

Month: sep 1994

September 29, 1994 

Ch’an Tradition: History, Theory, Practice

(Lecture given by Master Sheng-yen on October 21, 1992 at Washington University.) When we speak of Ch'an as it developed in China, we must recognize the difficulties in separating the specific concepts of Ch'an from those of Buddhism in general. It is in fact impossible for someone to achieve the highest attainment in Buddhism without some experience or practice equivalent to that available in the Ch'an tradition.more

September 9, 1994 

Three Weekend Seminars at the Ch’an Center

The Formation of Ch 'an in China. Presented by Professor John R. McRae of Cornell University on May 13 and 14, 1994. The History of Ch 'an Monasticism and Its Practices, Presented by Professor T Griffith Foulk of the University of Michigan on May 20 and 21, 1994. Monastic Practice in the Korean Zen Tradition, Presented by Professor Robert F. Buswell Jr. of UC.L.A on June 10 and 11.more