Chan Newsletter

Month: may 1997

May 26, 1997 

The Dignity of Living and Dying

(This talk was given by Master Sheng-yen on Sunday Oct. 27, 1996 and edited by Harry Miller.) How do we develop and maintain our dignity during life and sustain it when we encounter death? This is an important question to people in the East and the West. Many scholars discuss birth and death in reference to philosophy, religion, or medical science. I will address the subject simply from Buddha Dharma and my own experience.more

May 7, 1997 

To Realize Inherent Wisdom

(By Master Sheng-yen. A talk Delivered on May 7, 1997, during a Ch'an retreat in Poland, and edited by Earnie Heau.) What is Ch'an? We may call Ch'an "mind"; we may also believe that this mind needs to be cultivated, so that it may become enlightened, may acquire wisdom. I say to you that there is in truth nothing to cultivate, nothing to acquire, for wisdom is inherent in every mind. Even so, most people don't know how to manifest this inherent wisdom. However, the Buddha in his great compassion taught us how to realize wisdom. We call this method Ch'an. more