Chan Newsletter

Month: nov 1996

November 26, 1996 

The Ten Ox Herding Pictures

(A talk delivered by Master Sheng-yen on 10/22/92 and edited by Linda Peer and Harry Miller.) The Ten Ox Herding Pictures are metaphors for the process and progress of Ch'an practice. When China was an agricultural society, people depended on oxen and buffalo to work their fields. These animals were important, powerful and part of human life, so the analogy of ox herding was meaningful to Buddhists of the time.more

November 9, 1996 

T’ien-tai Manuscripts for Meditation

(A report on the seminar presented by Professor Dan Stevenson, by Steve Lane and Linda Peer. ) This September, Professor Dan Stevenson of the University of Kansas presented a two-and-one-half day seminar on t'ien-tai Buddhism as part of the Ch'an Center's Buddhist Studies program. Seminar participants were sent t'ien-tai texts and articles about t'ien tai beforehand, so that they would have a basic understanding of the subject.more