Chan Newsletter

Month: oct 1996

October 27, 1996 

The Dignity of Living and Dying

(Master Sheng-yen talk, Sunday Oct.27, 1996.) How one can have dignity in one's life and also in the death process. This is a question that concerns a lot of people, both in the west as well as in the East, in the last something like 30 year. Shih-fu says he himself is not an expert on this matter of birth and death, but what he would like to do is, from his own understanding of Buddha Dharma and from his own observation of the phenomena of living and dying, he would like to give today's talk.more

October 13, 1996 

The Meaning of Life

(By Chan Master Sheng Yen, and translation by Hao-De Zou.) * The Meaning of Life is to Fulfill One's Duties and be Responsible * The Value of Life is to Offer and to Contribute * Bearing the Task of Contribution * Accepting Retribution, Fulfilling Wishes and Making Vows * The Different Stages of Generating Vowsmore