Canceled due to the preparation of the Water Land Chanting Ceremony.
  • Dec 1
    Lotus Sutra
    by Harry Miller
    The Lotus Sutra is called the "King of the Sutras" because of its great depth and inclusivity. In proclaiming its truth, the Sutra leads us to question what we are holding on to, and it reveals a path of deepest wisdom for all beings.
    Dec 8
    Sutra of the Eight Realizations of the Great Beings
    by Ven. Chang Zhai
    The Sutra on the Eight Realizations of the Great Beings expounded by Shakyamuni Buddha teaches Buddhist disciples to practice the eight holy paths if one wants to become a great being who benefit oneself as well as others. The eight practices are what realized by great beings and are also the holy paths to awaken all sentient beings.
    Dec 15
    Cultivating Dhyāna Meditation as a Chan Practitioner
    by Dr. Rebecca Li
    Dhyāna meditation is one of the six perfections cultivated by practitioners of the Bodhisattva Path. In this talk, we will discuss how Chan practitioners should go about our meditative practice to be in accordance with wisdom and compassion.
    Dec 22
    Master Changlu Zongze's
    "Zuo Chan Yi"
    by Ven. Guo Sheng
    Zuo Chan Yi, a book on the practice of sitting meditation, teach you how to experience "Non attachment - external images" and "Abandonment - multitude of external events"
    Dec 29
    "The Pure Conduct Chapter" in the "Avatamsaka Sutra"
    by Ven. Chang Kuan
    Cultivation of the vows and conduct of compassion and wisdom in daily life.
    The chapter of "Purifying Practice" is a speedy way guided by Manjushri Bodhisattva to lead the sentient beings to become bodhisattvas by learning making vows of benefiting sentient beings in every thought in daily life, using purified mind to prevent unwholesome and wrong deeds and accomplishing the merits of benefiting the self and others.