Chan Meditation Center Expansion Project
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We take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to all - past and current supporters - for your unwavering supports to the Chan Meditation Center. To continue fulfilling Chan Master Sheng Yen's great vow of teaching and spreading the Mahayana and Chan Buddhism in the West, the time is now for the Chan Meditation Center Expansion Project.

We seek your continued support to accomplish the expansion project for a great leader of Chan Buddhism. The expansion will begins from ground up – brick by brick, column by column – when the project begins this summer. Upon completion of the Chan Meditation Center in the near future, we will continue to spread the essence of Chan Buddhism from New York City to around the world - a gateway to peace, good health, and happiness for current and future generations.


Current Progress
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Construction moving forward ...
March - October 2018

The process of CMC construction continues going well and moving forward with full force to meet the goal to have the Grand Opening for our new and expanded Chan Meditation Center on 9/29/2019.


Donation Methods:
Please make your check payable to "CMC" and note "CMC Expansion Project" and mail it to Chan Meditation Center, 90-56 Corona Avenue, Elmhurst, NY 11373.

To donate online, visit the CMC website: chancenter.org/cmc/donate/.



Story of CMC

Chan Meditation Center (1979-1987)

In June 1979, with the sponsorship from Mr. C.T. Chen and a number of supporters, Chan Master Sheng Yen, rented the attic of a two-story house at Woodside, Queens of New York City, and founded the Chan Meditation Center. In October 1979, again with the support of his followers, he purchased an old, two-story building at Elmhurst, Queens, marking it the first established monastery. The grand opening and consecration ceremony was held in May 10, 1981, on Buddha's Birthday. The Chan Meditation Center is renamed the "Dongchu Chan Monastery" in Chinese to honor and commemorate Chan Master Sheng Yen's teacher, Master Dongchu.

Chan Meditation Center (1987-2008)

In October 1987, Chan Meditation Center moved across the street to the current location, a three-story building with a full basement and four floors of functioning space. With limited funds, Chan Master Sheng Yen and his disciples handled the renovations themselves. The building - though small, but sufficient – was equipped with necessary essentials. Many of Chan Master Sheng's important scholarly works, including the Dharma Drum Collection, were completed in this very location.

Chan Meditation Center (2009 – Present)

Chan Master Sheng Yen passed away on February 3, 2009 in Taiwan, a great loss for his sangha community and lay disciples. To continue his mission to spread the Mahayana and Chan Buddhism and the concept of Spiritual Environmentalism in the West, his sangha community embarked on this expansion project by purchasing three adjacent buildings between 2010 and 2013.

Chan Master Sheng Yen first spoke about Spiritual Environmentalism at the United Nations Headquarter in New York City in 2000. Since then, he had traveled around the world to spread this vision and had received very positive feedback. Meanwhile, Chan Buddhism has begun to enter the cultural mainstream in the US and Europe. As such, Chan Meditation Center - ideally located in New York City, one of the world's major economic, cultural, and artistic hubs - is at the right spot, front and center, to play a pivotal role in promoting Chan Buddhism and nurturing future Chan leaders. With this tasks at hand, the present expansion project is ever more pressing and vital.


Chan Meditation Center expansion project is scheduled to start in summer 2014, projected completion is summer 2016. The expanded Chan Meditation Center will include a larger Chan Hall, dinning room and kitchen; a library; an activity room for children and youth; and a few small classrooms and meeting rooms. Currently, we are still short on funds. Therefore, we earnestly seek your support to help us fulfill our vision. With your generous donations, Chan Meditation Center will be able to continue its work of spreading the Mahayana and Chan Buddhism, teaching about purification of mind to the society at large, ultimately fulfilling each individual's fundamental needs for peace and happiness.