February 10, 2020
DDMBA NCP Relief Project - 2020 Coronavirus
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DDMBA NCP Relief Project - 2020 Coronavirus

Special Announcement - 2020 Coronavirus
January 30, 2020
Special Blessing from Chan Meditation Center Regarding to the Recent Outbreak of Coronavirus in Wuhan

Recently there has been an outbreak of Coronavirus in Wuhan, China. We would like to transfer merits to the deceased and pray for the sick. Our heart is with the medical professionals in the outbreak areas, and we give our blessings to all people in Wuhan. We hope that the epidemic will be brought under control soon, and a cure will be found soon. May Inner peace bring real peace!

Our founder, late Master Sheng Yen’s blessing and admonition for the SARS pandemic in 2003:

Dear friends,
This is Sheng Yen Shifu from Dharma Drum Mountain.
I am here praying for you and wishing you well.
May all of us safely get through the pandemic of SARS.
May all of us work hard and bravely on “protecting the mind”:
for ourselves, for our families, for our friends,
and for the purpose of getting all of us safely through the disaster of SARS pandemic,
the best solution is to: care for others, take care of ourselves; face the reality, and respond to it properly.
Please trust the medical professionals and systems, leave the current pandemic situation in their hands;
please have faith, and rely on your religious beliefs for the difficult times in life.
Recite diligently: Namo Guanshiyin Pusa;
or recite and prey to the God, Buddha, or Bodhisattva that you believe in.
When your thoughts are sincere and wholesome, mind gains peace, wisdom will be generated, and there will be a way out; prayers will be answered, and benefactors will be encountered.
I pray for your well-being.