The Sword of Widsom

The Sword of Wisdom is a penetrating commentary on the “Song of Enlightenment,” a famous Chan text that speaks of proper methods and attitudes of practice.

Hoofprint of the Ox

Hoofprint of the Ox is an inspirational guide to self-discovery through mental transformation.

Illuminating Silence

This is a rare opportunity to gain insight into the practice of a Chinese Zen retreat and the ideas behind it.

There is no Suffering

“There is No Suffering” is Chan Master Sheng Yen’s commentary on the Heart Sutra.

Subtle Wisdom

Master Sheng Yen’s introductory work is perfect for those just coming to Buddhism, and for those who are already very familiar with the Tibetan and Zen schools.

Faith in Mind

This guide to Chan practice is based on “Faith in Mind,” a poem by Chan Master Seng Ts’an.

Zen Wisdom

In this book, Chan Master Sheng Yen answers questions from students with clarity and depth. Collected over several years, these conversations focus on the simple yet seemingly elusive principles of Chan practice.

The Poetry of Enlightenment

“To my knowledge, there are no anthologies of Chan poetry in Chinese, Japanese or English which describe in detail the method of practice and the experience of Chan. Furthermore, there are few prose sources in English. . .”

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