Chan Newsletter

September 8, 1990 

The Twelve Entries

(Lecture given on the Surangama Sutra by Master Sheng-yen on December 14, 1986.) In the passage from the sutra that we will discuss today, the Buddha discusses the twelve ayatanas, or entries, and he speaks about the sense organ of the eye and its object. When the six sense organs (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) come into contact with the six sense objects (what is seen, heard, smelled, tasted, felt, thought), they comprise the twelve ayatanas.more

August 8, 1990 

The Sense Organ of the Mind

(Lecture given on the Surangama Sutra by Master Sheng-yen on December 7, 1986.) The Buddha continues speaking to Ananda about the nature of the sense organs. In today's section of the sutra, he speaks about the sense organ of the mind itself. The sutra follows the same format for the mind as it has done for the other senses. The mind, also, has three conditions associated with it. First, the duality of the sleeping and waking states. Second, the sense organ itself. Finally, the void.more

June 8, 1990 

Attitude Towards Practice and The Fruits of Practice

(lectures given by Master Sheng-yen during the May 1990 retreat.) During the retreat, I have spoken of many things that will aid your practice and increase your understanding of Buddhadharma. Specifically, I have told you about a number of important aspects of practice: confidence, a sense of karmic repentance and karmic shame, and the making of vows and the transfer of merit. Tonight I will go over these points in detail and show the connections between them.more

May 8, 1990 

Ch’an and Daily Life

(A lecture given by Master Sheng-yen at the Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri on April 17, 1990.) I would like to thank Professor Grant and the university for inviting me here today. From the introduction given me, you may have the impression that, having written numerous books on the subject, I know a great deal about Buddhism. But throughout my study and practice of Buddhism, one important lesson has been drilled into me: once you've learned something, be sure to forget it. more

March 8, 1990 

The Sense Organs of Tongue and Body

(Lecture given on the Surangama Sutra by Master Sheng-yen on November 23, 1986.) Ananda continues questioning the Buddha on various sense organs. In today's passage he inquires about the functions of the tongue and the body. The Buddha continues with the same dialectic he has used with all the senses. This consists of seeking and then refuting the origin and existence of each sense. In the case of taste, he first uses the example of a man licking his lips.more