Chan Newsletter

Month: aug 1995

August 29, 1995 

How to Untie the Six Knots

(A lecture on the Surangama Sutra given by Master Sheng-yen on Dec. 13, 1992, and edited by Linda Peer and Harry Miller.) The Buddha said, "Ananda, tell me now if the six knots of this cloth can be untied simultaneously." Ananda replied: "No, World Honored One, because they were originally tied one after the other and should be untied in the same order.more


Generating Bodhi Mind

(A talk on the Surangama given by Master Sheng-yen on January 3, 1993.) Thereat the World Honored One said to the great bodhisattvas and great arahats in the Assembly, "I want to ask you, bodhisattvas and arahats, who are born from Buddhadharma and have reached the state beyond study, this question: when you developed your minds to awaken to the eighteen fields of sense, which one did you regard as the best means of perfection and by what methods did you enter the State of Samadhi?"more