Chan Newsletter

Month: jun 1991

June 8, 1991 

The Essentials of Chan Practice – (1)

(This is Part One of a translation of an article written by the modern patriarch Master Hsu-yun (1839-1959), who is also known by his English name, Empty Cloud.) The Prerequisites and Understanding Necessary to Begin Ch'an Practice. 1. The Objective of Ch'an Practice: The objective of Ch'an practice is to illuminate the mind by eradicating its impurities and seeing into one's true self-nature. The mind's impurities are wrong thoughts and attachments. Self-nature is the wisdom and virtue of the Tathagata. more


Dharma Drum Mountain

You may have heard of Dharma Drum Publications, the publisher of Master Sheng-yen's (Shih-fu's) six English books, Ch'an Magazine and Ch'an Newsletter, but do you know about Dhanna Drum Mountain? Master Sheng-yen searched for a site in Taiwan to expand the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies and the Nung Ch'an Monastery. In April of 1989 approximately 80 acres of land in the Gold Mountain district of Taipei were purchased. This land and Shih-fu's vision of what it will become has been named Dharma Drum Mountain.more