Chan Newsletter

Month: jun 1984

June 15, 1984 

Why Sentient Beings Are Sentient Beings

(Lecture Given on Sunday, June 10, 1984.) According to Buddhism, the original nature of sentient beings is identical to Buddha-nature. But to us this identity seems completely absent: the Buddhas are perfectly wise whereas sentient beings are profoundly ignorant. How has this difference arisen? The Sutra of Complete Enlightenment tells us that Buddha-nature and ignorance are one. Both have existed from beginningless time.more


Selecting and Studying under a Master

(Lecture Given by Master Sheng-yen, SUnday, July 8, 1984.) Sakyamuni Buddha once remarked that the depth of a Buddha's wisdom and the extent of his merit are ascertainable only by one who has himself reached Buddhahood. It is similarly true that the practice of a master can be assessed only by who one is himself a master. A student, consequently, cannot measure the extent of a master's attainment. The most he can do is to acquaint himself with the correct view of Buddhadharma and be certain that the master teaches this view.more