Chan Newsletter

Month: mar 1994

March 29, 1994 

Open Letter from Master Sheng-yen

Dear Reader: This is my first open letter to you, and it marks the 100th issue of the Ch'an Newsletter. I hope you will join me in the celebration of this important milestone. We published the first issue in November 1979. At that time I was in New York in a small one-story building with one disciple, Paul Kennedy. We had some difficulty in coming up with the $400 rent. Nevertheless, we started our publications as soon as we could, because we wanted others to benefit from authentic Ch'an teachingmore


Instructions for the Seven-day Meditation Retreat (2)

(Morning and Noon Talks by Master Sheng-yen during December 26 to December 31, 1992. Translated by J. C. Cleary.) The Fourth Day -- Putting Aside the Self. The concept of "self' can have a large or small scope. It includes the small self of the individual ego, and it also includes the total being, the whole being, the so-called Great Self of the absolute truth and God. Ch'an practitioners must put all of this aside. more