Chan Newsletter

Month: nov 1992

November 30, 1992 

Seven-day Retreat Talk (Day 3)

(By Ch'an Master Sheng-yen. Morning Talk November 30, 1992.) Today I will talk more on illumination. No matter which method you use -- counting breaths, hua-t'ou, etc -- your attention is to point inward; the light of awareness is to reflect back to illuminate the mind. Therefore, you should know whether or not you are on the method, scattered, or dull. Knowing where you are in relation to these three conditions is itself cultivation of the path.more

November 29, 1992 

Seven-day Retreat Talk (Day 2)

(By Ch'an Master Sheng-yen. Morning Talk November 29, 1992.) In Ch'an, there are three principles of practice. I talked about the first, in part, yesterday. Being neat, orderly, peaceful and harmonious are daily behaviors. This, along with other guidelines, fall under the principle of living in accordance with precepts. The second principle is samadhi, which can be expanded to include meditative methods. How do we use methods to stabilize the mind? Past patriarchs have said that samadhi is none other than the mind.more

November 28, 1992 

Seven-day Retreat Talk (Day 1)

(The following talks were given by Ch'an Master Sheng-yen during a seven-day Ch'an retreat at the Ch'an Meditation Center in Elmhurst, New York some years ago in 1992.) First Morning Instruction. This the first morning of a seven day intensive retreat. Some of you are here for the first time. Probably, some of you didn't sleep well last night. You're in an unfamiliar environment, and the street noises of New York City never stop. Perhaps you're nervous or overly anxious about what will happen as the retreat progresses. This is all normal. You will adjust, but accept that it might take three days, possibly more. more